About us

BORN is a new lifestyle clothing brand committed to honouring Britain's rich textile manufacturing tradition as well as recognising the diverse and ever-changing influences on our cultural and personal identities. Who we are, who we love, what we wear. Exclusively and Inclusively British.
The Story 
Born started with a frustration of not being able to find quality clothes that are made in Britain and not just a "British" brand that is actually made in a land far away. Where British made clothes can be sourced they tend to be sold at the premium level and marketed to a very niche market. At this point we had the idea of creating a 100% British made clothing company that made great quality everyday clothes and staples. We also wanted to sell them at a decent price where possible.
When we say 100% made in Britain we really mean it. We haven't simply sourced our materials elsewhere and merely assembled the garments in a British factory. Every single element has been designed, knitted, manufactured,  stitched, and finished across England. We are proud to be a clothing company that manufactures and sources every single element in Britain. 
British Fabrics
All of our fabrics have been knitted and dyed in Leicester especially for Born We have used two separate fabric knitters and one dye house. The 100% cotton jersey we used for all the T-shirts, the cotton/polyester fleece used for the crew sweatshirts and zip hoodies were made by Raj Ved at Aristo Fabrics in Leicester. Our 100% cotton pique was made especially for us by Chris Throop at UK Pique in Wigston, Leicester. All of our fabrics have been dyed by Colours in Leicester.
British Trims
As with our fabrics all other elements that have gone in to our clothes have been designed, weaved, and manufactured in England. The branded logos and size labels on the back of your clothes were woven in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham. The red, white, and blue neck tape stitched into the neck lining of every single piece of clothing was also woven in Birmingham at the same factory. The branded zip pullers you find on our beautiful zip hooded sweatshirts were again made in Birmingham. The zips on each of the hoodies were specially designed and manufactured to order for us by Zipex (part of Nova Trimmings) in Leicester.
British Manufacturing
All of our clothing has been cut, stitched, and finished for us in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. The factory has worked with us from the very start in pre-production, sampling, size grading, final production samples, and delivery of our first season's stock. The logos on the garments were also embroidered for us in Milton Keynes. The logos on our printed T-shirts were printed for us in Leicester.
Manufacturing in Britain is perhaps not always the easiest and certainly not the cheapest, but what you do get is fantastic craftsmanship with a story and heritage behind every element. Britain has a long and rich textile manufacturing heritage especially in places like Leicester, Nottingham, and Manchester. Our simple wish is play an active part in helping to bring back some of the manufacturing we have lost over the last 20 years and become part of that heritage more generally. British brands are respected across the world as is our manufacturing expertise. 
British Design
Our clothes are designed to look fresh and well cut. All of the clothes have been designed by a former graduate of Central St Martin's College with 15 years experience working in the fashion industry with both British companies and large international brands. Our pattern cutter works for the very best fashion designers in Britain and internationally. As we're sure you will agree the cut of the clothes is well fitted with no excess fabric even on the hoodies. This gives all of our clothes a great look. 
We hope you enjoy wearing your clothes as much as we enjoyed making them.
You get to tell the story from here.